WebSockets Transport

A Mirror transport that uses the websocket protocol, thus enabling multiplayer in the browser from Unity WebGL builds!

SSL Settings

SSL settings is obsolete and may be removed in a future release.

NOTE: WebGL performs a lot better with a Reverse Proxy, and that's generally easier to set up and maintain than using cert.json and PFX files.

Go to the Reverse Proxy page for instructions.

For legacy purposes, you can read more about simple web transport and SSL in this SSL guide.

Server Settings

Specify what port the websocket based game server listens on.

Client Settings

These settings allow for users to customize web game client behavior.

For example, you may want to introduce a reverse proxy server, and you want to configure the web game clients to connect to the reverse proxy server instead of the game server directly. These settings enable you to do that.


Supported log levels:

  • None

  • Error

  • Warn (default)

  • Info

  • Verbose

  • Flood

Log levels can be set using the dropdown on the transport or setting Mirror.SimpleWeb.Log.level in code directly.

For debugging purposes, it is encouraged to set the log level to Verbose (or Flood in extreme cases). For normal use Info or Warn is recommended.

Setting the log level to None will disable logging completely. Use this option with extreme caution.

The transport applies the dropdown value in its Awake and OnValidate methods.

Log methods

Log methods in this transport use ConditionalAttribute, so they are removed depending on the preprocessor defines.

This preprocessor symbol effects the logging:

  • DEBUG allows warn/error logs.

See the Unity docs on how to set custom preprocessor defines.

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