Connection Quality

Mirror does a lot of work to smooth out poor network connections.
However, there's only so much we can do on.
For poor connections, it's best practice to display a 'Poor Connection' warning.
Mirror's ConnectionQuality consists of three parts to make this very easy for your game.


Standalone connection quality enum & heuristics, which can be used outside of Unity if needed.
Mirror provides the following connection quality levels:
public enum ConnectionQuality : byte
EXCELLENT, // ideal experience for high level competitors
GOOD, // very playable for everyone but high level competitors
FAIR, // very noticeable latency, not very enjoyable anymore
POOR, // unplayable
ESTIMATING, // still estimating
Currently it offers two heuristics:
  • Simple (based on Ping & Jitter)
  • Pragmatic (based on Snapshot Interpolation).


This component can be added to the NetworkManager to display a Ping & Connection Quality indicator on the bottom right of the screen. Feel free to modify this to your needs, or create your own.

NetworkManager Callbacks

  • CalculateConnectionQuality() can be overwritten to inject your own heuristic. By default, it uses the Simple heuristic from above. This is called every connectionQualityInterval seconds, which can also be configured in the NetworkManager.
    protected virtual void CalculateConnectionQuality()
    NetworkClient.connectionQuality = ConnectionQualityHeuristics.Simple(
  • OnConnectionQualityChanged() can be used to show warnings to the user. By default, this emits a log message - useful for debugging user logs, etc.
    protected virtual void OnConnectionQualityChanged(ConnectionQuality previous, ConnectionQuality current)
    Debug.Log($"[Mirror] Connection Quality changed from {previous} to {current}");