Script Templates

As of August 2023, Unity Asset Store does not allow us to upload ScriptTemplates anymore. If you want to use them, please download Mirror from GitHub instead.
We've added Script Templates to make it easier to create derived class scripts that inherit from our base classes.
  • All possible overrides are already made for you and organized.
  • They're all fully commented as to what they all do.
  • Base method calls are all in place where needed so you can see what they already do.
  • Each has links at the top to their doc page(s).
Root Folder Required: ScriptTemplates is a special folder to Unity and must remain in the Assets root...don't move it.
The Mirror section will appear under the Assets > Create menu, as well as the context menu that comes up when you right-click on any folder in your project. You'll be prompted for the file name like any other asset creation.
Script Template menu in Unity
Hopefully these templates will be helpful to new users of Mirror to learn what methods are available in various classes, as well as just being more convenient for everyone.