Built-in Transports

These transports are included with Mirror.

  • KCP UDP transport based on kcp.c, line-by-line translation to C#

  • Telepathy - Simple, message based, MMO Scale TCP networking in C#. And no magic.

  • Simple Web Sockets - WebGL transport layer for Mirror that target browser clients.

  • Multiplexer - Bridging transport to allow a server to handle clients on different transports concurrently, for example desktop clients using Telepathy together with WebGL clients using Websockets.

  • Latency Simulation - Middleman transport to test non-ideal network conditions

  • Encryption - Middleman transport to encrypt a different transport

Additional Transports

These transports are maintained by third parties outside of Mirror.

Relay Transports

These transports are maintained by third parties and use relay infrastructure to connect clients to servers behind firewalls / NAT.

Changing Transports

Changing transports is very easy and only requires a few steps:

  • Go to the game object that has the Network Manager component

  • Add another transport script via the Add Component button

  • Drag the transport script to the "Transport" field in the Network Manager

  • Remove the old transport script (optional)

If you have connection issues with a transport that requires port forwarding, make sure to port forward the correct protocol (TCP / UDP).

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