Oracle Free Tier

Walkthrough for using Oracle Free Tier hosting.

Create and configure your cloud machine

Access Oracle website. Click on View accounts, after click on Sign up for free Cloud Tier.

Click on Start for free, fill the form and create your account. Sign in with your Oracle account, if your account is under validation, wait a few minutes to follow steps. Click on Set up a network with a wizard. Select Create VCN with internet Connectitivity, and click on Start VCN Wizard.

Fill VCN name and disable option Use DNS hostname in this VCN, click on Next, and wait.

Click on VCN name, to create rules. Select Public-Subnet-network, and after click on Default Security List for network.

Click on Add Ingress Rules, and create the follow rules for:

  • Protocol TCP

    • Port range: 80, 443 and 7777

    • Select Stateless option

  • Protocol UDP

    • Por range: 80, 443 and 7777

    • Select Stateless option

Go to Homepage and click on Create a VM Instance. Fill Computer instance name, and click on Edit, in Image and shape group.

Click on Change image, and select Canonical Ubuntu, OS Version 18.04, and click on Select Image.

In Network group check if the network is the one created in the previous steps.

In Add SSH Keys, click on Save Private Key. Save this in a safe place, it will be necessary to access your machine.

In Boot Volume you can specify HD Size, or you can use your 100 GB in one machine. Click on Create and wait. Go back to Home click on Dashboard > Compute > Instance, select your instance and copy IP Address.

Access your machine

Open powershell editor and type the follow command:

ssh -i [ssh_key_place] ubuntu@[machine_ip]


ssh -i c:\users\user\desktop\ssh-key-2021-09-15.key ubuntu@

If you get error to connect into your cloud machine, click with right button on ssh-key, select properties > security > advanced > remove inheritance, and delete all others users, keep only your windows user.

After connect, run the follow commands, to add firewall rules into ubuntu:

sudo apt install firewalld  
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=7777/tcp –permanent  
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=7777/udp –permanent  
sudo firewall-cmd –reload

Download Fillezila, and follow steps bellow to connect into your cloud machine, using your ssh-key:

Create Build

In Unity, access File > Build Settings > Select Linux > Mark Server Build. Wait for build, and then upload your files with Fillezila.

This tutorial use a server folder, but this is optional, use the follow commands:

ssh -i c:\users\user\desktop\ssh-key-2021-09-15.key ubuntu@
cd server
chmod +x ./[your_project_name].x86_64  

Your server is running

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