Telepathy Transport

Simple, message based, MMO Scale TCP networking in C#. And no magic.

  • Telepathy was designed with the KISS Principle in mind.

  • Telepathy is fast and extremely reliable, designed for MMO scale Networking.

  • Telepathy uses framing, so anything sent will be received the same way.

  • Telepathy is raw C# and can be used in Unity3D too.

  • Telepathy is available on GitHub

What makes Telepathy special?

Telepathy was originally designed for uMMORPG after 3 years in UDP hell.

We needed a library that is:

  • Stable & Bug free: Telepathy uses only 400 lines of code. There is no magic.

  • High performance: Telepathy can handle thousands of connections and packages.

  • Concurrent: Telepathy uses one thread per connection. It can make heavy use of multi core processors.

  • Simple: Telepathy takes care of everything. All you need to do is call Connect/GetNextMessage/Disconnect.

  • Message based: if we send 10 and then 2 bytes, then the other end receives 10 and then 2 bytes, never 12 at once.

MMORPGs are insanely difficult to make and we created Telepathy so that we would never have to worry about low level Networking again.

What about...

  • Async Sockets: didn't perform better in our benchmarks.

  • ConcurrentQueue: .NET 3.5 compatibility is important for Unity. Wasn't faster than our SafeQueue anyway.

  • UDP vs. TCP: Minecraft and World of Warcraft are two of the biggest multiplayer games of all time and they both use TCP networking. There is a reason for that.