Distance Interest Management

Distance Interest Management

The straight forward, brute force solution for Interest Management is to simply send all entities to all connections within range. This is what Network Proximity Checker did:

foreach spawned entity:
    foreach connection:
        if (Vector3.Distance(spawned, connection) < visRange):

The only downside is that it's relatively expensive to check every entity against every connection. So if you need loads of entities or connections, it would be smart to use a faster algorithm like Spatial Hashing.

Setting Up

Add the Distance Interest Management component to the same object as your Network Manager:

The Vis Range defines the radius around a player from which it receives world updates.

The Rebuild Interval is in seconds, and determines how often Mirror recalculates visibility of objects to clients.

Custom Visible Range

The Vis Range setting above applies to all networked objects as the "default" range. You can override this value on objects that need a different range, e.g. exception cases for things that are very large or very small, relative to most other things in the scene. To do this, just add a Distance Interest Management Custom Range component to those objects and set the Vis Range values for those objects according to your needs.

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